Across the line

Across the line is a american neo- western film directed by martin spottl and starring brad johnson and sigal erez. it is set in nova scotia, where it was shot. director martin spottl writers sigal erez martin spottl stars brian bloom justin urich brad johnson see production, box office & company info. some critics praised the film for its emotional intensity, authenticity, and integrity, but others questioned it for turning the plight of illegal immigrants into mainstream entertainment. genre: drama original language: english director: director x. who is the composer of across the line? is there a movie called across the line? across the line is a canadian drama film directed by director x.

across the line not rated 1 h 27 m imdb rating 5. across the line photos view all photos ( 15) movie info a sheriff ( brad johnson) protects an illegal immigrant ( sigal erez) after she witnesses border guards killing a group of gangsters. charlie daniels composed and performed the score, including the title track, across the line, which he released on his album road dogs. johnson plays a small- town texas sheriff who falls for across the line an illegal immigrant ( erez) who witnessed a murder on the mexican border. ^ flores, jean rodriguez ( ma). director director x. writer floyd kane stars stephan james. labo delle.

marie gaëlle cals. across the line ( film) jump to navigation jump to search. a young, black hockey star ( stephan james), bound for the nhl, is surronded by racial tension in a divided nova scotian community. 5 / 10 327 your rating rate drama thriller a small- town sheriff falls in love with a latina illegal immigrant who witnessed a murder on the texas border. where was across the line ( ) filmed? for the action film, see across the line: the exodus of charlie wright. 2 / 10 438 your rating rate play trailer 1: 29 2 videos 13 photos drama a young, black nhl hopeful living in a racially divided nova scotian community finds his career prospects in jeopardy when tensions in his community come to a head.

what are the critics saying about across the line? it stars stephan james, sarah jeffery, shamier anderson, lanette ware, steven love, and jim codrington. independently financed and produced, across the line was distributed by lionsgate entertainment. across the line r 1 h 39 m imdb rating 5. martin sheen was originally cast to play the role of harmon, the compassionate diner owner.

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